Portfolio Analysis

Reacting to a changing investment market.


New Demands


The financial crisis has radically changed the real estate investing environment in spain. From 2011 onwards Spanish and international financial entities have sought to divest their distressed assets through the offering to market of very large real estate portfolios, and more recently distressed debt portfolios with a large real estate collateral component. Many aspects of these portfolios are new to the market – scale, price uncertainty, rapidly declining demand and overwhelming supply. Patron were amongst the first to recognise these challenges and have engineered solutions tailor-made to address them.


Portfolio Services


Patron Property Services provide portfolio appraisal services for top tier Investors, financial entities and their advisors. We have worked extensively with both sellers and bidders, and provide a range of appraisal tools, allowing rapid, cost-effective and quantifiable analysis.




Initially, in response to the creation of large residential portfolios by financial entities, Patron developed bespoke residential portfolio analysis software – In support of the manual valuation of assets, we use econometric, market and residential comparables data to automatically value residential assets. Our analysis software utilises these appraisals to arrive at a rapid and informed portfolio value appraisal. Our system has been described by clients as the ‘best residential analysis tool in the Spanish market’.   We have successfully valued more than 20 large portfolios – most of the largest that have been offered during the last three years.

Patron have also recently carried out many portfolio and individual market valuations for the Sareb.




We have now extended our appraisal tools to all commercial real estate sectors – in keeping with the developing market.




Patron have extensive experience of project managing large teams of consultants to carry out due diligence and technical appraisal, and coordinating reporting of results to investors.


Patron is regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the leading professional body for qualifications and standards worldwide in the real estate and construction industry.