Project Appraisal

Independent insight into new investment opportunities


Exciting new opportunities are appearing in Spanish real estate investment – and we can provide expert guidance across all sectors and locations.


Patron have developed a market-leading series of investment analysis tools that allow examination of a potential investment opportunity through a range of market and financial possibilities. Patron have extensive specialist research capabilities which enable an objective and informed appraisal and analysis. Patron will provide this informed advice to Investors through all phases of the transaction.



Challenges and Solutions


The current difficulties in the Spanish economy, banking system, public debt and real estate markets are putting increasing focus on having high quality valuations that will both present a correct value of the asset and provide the appropriate information to be able to understand the future potential price evolution, liquidity and sensitivities. Whilst some prime areas appear to be in the first stages of recovery, in others on-going market correction, typified by a scarcity of transactions is making the valuation task more difficult than ever.


There are inherent problems associated with the lack of transparency in the Spanish markets. Information is difficult to find and is often inaccurate or requires high levels of assumptions and analysis before it is useful.


For investors and owners that are able to analyse real estate assets with a more transparent, explicit and sustaining valuation model, the opportunity exists to objectively value assets and transact at the correct level.


As a RICS Regulated Firm, Patron provides RICS Red Book valuations and is committed to the highest professional and ethical standards. and subject to RICS code of conduct and regulations