Financial Modelling

Supporting Investment Choices 

We provide discounted cash flow based financial modelling services and support for investors and corporate owners / occupiers. Our financial modelling skills are supported by our experience based research and analysis capabilities.


Since the economic crash in 2007/2008, profit for investors and developers has become increasingly difficult to achieve. The margin in which returns can be achieved is being squeezed and as a result, far fewer investments and or developments are taking place.


Corporate occupiers (who are for the most part reducing the margins on their service or product lines) are struggling to continue operating and face daily challenges to improve efficiency.


Identifying Investment Opportunities


As a result of this situation there is the natural assumption that few financial opportunities currently exist in Spain. However, extensive research around demographic, economic and real estate factors and regulatory changes, combined with comprehensive financial modelling can correctly identify opportunities in new or developing markets for investors, developers and corporates.


The ability to profit from these opportunities however in the current market is difficult. In addition the lack of market transactions and information does not facilitate a straightforward analysis of a project with the associated financial modelling. It is fundamental to build up an understanding and evaluation of a project and its sensitivity to various factors in a changing environment.


Our Process


We perform detailed discounted cash flow modelling for single assets and portfolios.   The financial modelling takes shape through the following process:


  1. Agreement of Inputs that have a material impact on the project
  2. Sourcing of the most reliable and recent data
  3. Construction of an explicit, stable and flexible financial model
  4. Inputting data and manipulation to undertake sensitivity analysis
  5. Clear Reporting


The Deliverables


This process provides a deliverable which has the ability to provide financial modelling in the following formats:


  •    - Scenario testing
  •    - Feasibility studies
  •    - Performance assessment and/or tracking
  •    - Asset management
  •    - Development appraisals


Patron is regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the leading professional body for qualifications and standards worldwide in the real estate and construction industry.