Market Analytics

Focused Analysis


Patron Property Services provide exceptional supply, demand and economic trend analysis. We regularly analyse a vast array of demographic, economic and market data. Our bespoke analytic software enables us to focus this data to provide insight into all market sectors and locations.


Our market analytic model (RAM) has been developed since 2011, initially as a response to demand for rapid evaluation of large residential portfolios offered for sale by banks. RAM was conceived from a realisation that appraisals of large portfolios of residential assets were falling short of investor requirements.


Traditional residential asset appraisals have not been challenged to reflect the pricing level at which residential assets have sold in the market, nor the sustainable demand for housing in a specific location. As such, the values they report are not helpful in demonstrating the likely realisation price, or in identifying whether there is stable/ liquid market for an asset.


RAM offers a new approach. Our appraisal model integrates demographic, financial, economic, real estate and construction market data to facilitate a systematic application of objective data to an extremely localised market level and on a real time basis.


The RAM model is able to systematically score and rank asset quality in a specific location using a multi-component measure of supply, demand and pricing tendency. This scoring serves as an indicator of current and future demand and the likely discount that will need to be applied to current market list prices.


The RAM model provides this analysis in a timely, transparent and rational manner. This facilitates the continued tracking and adjustment of both portfolio and asset price/ quality on a real time basis.


Commercial Assets


We have now extended the RAM system to all sectors of Spanish real estate, and can now provide detailed commercial asset appraisals and due diligence studies combining RAM market analytics with discounted cash flow financial analysis.


Proven Performance


We have a proven track record of evaluating the largest real estate portfolios for many top international clients in spain.


Patron is regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the leading professional body for qualifications and standards worldwide in the real estate and construction industry.